Interviews With Virginia Lloyd
Presented By Jeannie Fitzsimmons
and Global Heartrepreneurs

Jeannie Fitzsimmons and Virginia Lloyd

"The Basic Chart of Emotions"
Jeannie and Virginia discuss gains from the Valentine's call, as well as, the very helpful "basic chart of emotions." Also discussed were the stunning findings of the Harvard study on the Sedona releasing work.
"A Special Valentine's Gift"
About This Interview
Jeannie and Virginia Discuss Ways To Increase The Love In Our Life
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Topics covered on the January 29, 2008 Audio Interview
Detail of topics covered:
Keeping the work Pure; A Surprise Reunion with her mentor from long ago
The Privilege of being her student and the passing of the first Sedona Method Instructor
How Virginia met Lester in New York City and what he told her
Lester's Way: "Squaring It All With Love"
Virginia leaves her acting career and moves to Sedona in 1974
Women study at the Lester's ranch. She develops The Chart Of Emotions as described in her book, Master Your Emotions
How letting go of resentment to others freedom and success results in joy and freedom
The 'stunning seed' which Virginia blossomed into an entire body of stellar work
Lester Says: "Two weekends are the key" Jeannie has found this to be true
Virginia develops the system based on her skill and experience with emotions
Lester said it takes '4 full days to reverse the habit of holding on'
Virginia designs organically by 'trusting the process and the Basic Course is born
Feelings aren't 'bad' unless we suppress them and live from the subconscious programs that run our lives
Creating harmony at work and in marriage by releasing 'control' issues
What is it about that 2-weekend Basic Course? It is a 9-Day Course!
Parents are the role models for 'holding on' unless they learn to release
Virginia speaks about The Sedona Method® and her students
Virginia 'bottles simplicity' in the Basic Course
Where has Virginia been for the last 17 years? Still being of service!
Our acting backgrounds, stories, and how releasing sets us free to BE
Virginia introduces 'skits' to teach about 'emotional freedom'
The years with Lester were challenging and required lots of releasing
Jeannie, Hale, and others share the Method in various ways
How to remain calm in the midst of chaos through letting go was the model
Calling Virginia for the first time in New York, Jeannie brings the method to LA
Self-mastery is the gift of letting go of unwanted emotions, but everyone is at choice
Even if you are overwhelmed now, you have a tool to 'let go', to use later
Virginia Lloyd authors two books Choose Freedom and Master Your Emotions
How three women at lunch release and it changes the world
When couples let go of 'controlling' each other, good things happen!
How releasing within families changes the dynamics in many positive ways
Releasing cleans the slate, moment to moment, if you use it to be happy and be free

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